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What is this?

This site is basically to help people find and share information about ANY file or torrent! Hash-Lookup.org is the first site (that I know of) to have such a service! Imagine it like a wikipedia, but for files!

It does this by looking up the "hash value" of a file, a hash value (usually 32-48 characters) can be generated by the content of ANY file. And any file with the same content will generate the EXACT same value while the chances for two different files to generate the same value is extremely low. Therefore this sequence of characters can be used as an unique ID to identify a file!

Get information about a file downloaded from the internet:
Imagine that you have a setup-file on your computer which you have downloaded from the internet, wouldn't it be nice if you could check what other people has said about it before you choose to install it? With our hash-lookup tool you can do just that! Users of this site can for example notify you if the file contains a virus; and that could save your day.

Check the quality of a torrent or file before downloading it:
Let's say you're into torrents and you want to download a movie (public domain of course). Wouldn't it be nice if you could check the quality of that torrent before downloading or maybe read some reviews of it? Since most torrents share their SHA1 hash you can easily look it up at this site! And our users can rate the quality of any torrent and may also link to screenshots showing the quality of a video. They can also notify you if the torrent is a fake; and that could save your bandwidth.

Find out anything about ANY file:
Have you ever wondered about any strange files on your computer, or just want to know what the different files do? If you're lucky someone might have shared information about that exact file. Just use our lookup tool to find out!

And there many more uses!
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